PROPOSAL: Building a Dirt Freeride Park at MERA

Internet-published Paper

Sather, B. (2012, Jan). Proposal: Building a dirt freeride park at MERA. Available online at


This project primarily focuses on the development of a dirt jump venue for BMX and freeride bikes at the Mount Emily Recreation Area (MERA) in Union County, Oregon. A dirt freeride park includes several mounds of dirt shaped for aerial stunts and creative bike tricks, placed in a small area (approximately 1 acre) to allow for many repetitions. The project will also have other phases, including the addition of an adult supervision singletrack mountain bike trail and a competition quality BMX race track. Primary users would be riders of BMX bikes, freeride bikes, mountainboards, mountain bikes, and downhill bikes. Furthermore, the park will enhance the appeal of MERA as a family-friendly recreation area that spans all ages. A reflection paper is also provided.

January 2012