Proposal: Add Sports Management Masters and Undergraduate Degree Programs to the Eastern Oregon University Campus

Poster Presentation

Loupe, M., & Sather, B. (2017). Proposal: Add sports management masters and undergraduate degree programs to the Eastern Oregon University campus. Poster session presented at the annual Spring Symposium, Eastern Oregon University, La Grande, Oregon.


Sport management is "the coordination of resources, technologies, processes, personnel, and situational contingencies for the efficient production and exchange of sport services.” (1) It has been proposed that EOU implement a Sports Management Degree program to promote the growth of all students. The implementation of these degree plans will have a dramatic impact not only for on-campus and online recruitment and retention of students, but also mutually-beneficial improvements in local and regional sport and recreation programs. These degrees will allow current and potential students to diversify their studies and grow in an area with many possibilities. The immediate proposal is to start a Master’s degree and in later years, a phased in approach to adding undergraduate degree programs. In addition to these, potential careers in sport management and current students survey data are also explored and analyzed. The addition of these programs will help students apply their knowledge in a hands on environment, expand their professional marketability, and enhance career opportunities.

May 2017